With Winter Upon Us – Time to Check Your Sectional & Coiling Overhead Door Springs

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Overhead Coiling Door

With winter just around the corner, it’s time for warehouse and facility owners everywhere to conduct maintenance checks on their commercial overhead doors. Are you wondering why? That’s because as the cold weather settles in, the springs on your overhead coiling doors or sectional overhead doors can get cold, stiff and harder to expand.

Not to mention, any cracking, misalignment and wearing parts will only worsen with the rough conditions. In fact, many repair jobs pop up when the temperature drops, but you can avoid the hassle of having these doors repaired in the cold by ensuring it’s in good condition now! Here’s what you need to do:

Test Door’s Balance

  1. Residential Doors: First of all, close your overhead door and pull on the red release cord to disconnect it from the opener.
  2. Commercial Doors: First of all, pull the small release pull chain if a jackshaft opener to disconnect the door from the opener.
  3. Lift the door manually, stop it at waist height and keep it as steady as you possibly can.
  4. Next, let go of the door. If it doesn’t stay at that height and falls down on its own, adjustments need to be made. However, if it automatically pulls back up, it means the springs are too stiff and tight.
  5. Either way, if your commercial or residential overhead door moves, you need to call Authority Dock & Door right away to adjust it for balance. This may also involve replacing its springs.

Visually Examine Parts & Components

  1. Ensure that the tracks are not rusting or bent from anywhere. Also, examine the rollers to see if the bearings are rusted or worn-out.
  2. Now, take a close look at the cables of your sectional overhead door for fraying, rust or any areas that seem to be worn-out.
  3. Close the door. There shouldn’t be light coming through the seals on all four sides.
  4. Examine the hinges on your door. Are any loose, cracked, rusted or broke? If any of the abovementioned parts are rusty or worn-out, you need preventative repairs.

Sign Up for a Regular PM (Preventative Maintenance) Program

While you can check for these things on your own and then call Authority Dock & Door, you may not always have the time to perform these checks! To ensure the springs on your commercial overhead doors are working properly, it’s best to sign up for a Regular Preventative Maintenance Program, and have things checked out before something goes wrong. It’s always better to be proactive, then reactive.


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