Cold Storage Overhead Doors: Key Things To Consider When Choosing One

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cold storage overhead doors

Cold storage overhead doors are an essential part of many businesses. If your door cannot reliably keep the cold in and the heat out, it will be a huge loss for your business. Whatever product your door is meant to protect will be ruined. You must have doors that work to protect your investment and maintain the proper temperature in your storage areas.

How A Cold Storage Overhead Doors Work

Cold storage doors are designed to keep the storage area a consistent and cold temperature by keeping the cold air in and the warmer air out. Cold rooms can be designed to maintain cold temps or even freezing conditions. It all depends on the product being stored in the room. Traditional overhead doors are not designed for this purpose, since they lack the insulation needed for this task.

Cold storage doors are a benefit to a business since they allow you to keep the cold area at the required temperature without setting your entire facility to the same temperature. Keeping everything the same temperature would increase your utility bills and be a huge waste of money.

Key Things To Consider When Choosing A Cold Storage Overhead Door

Cold storage doors serve a crucial need for your business. You want to ensure you are getting what you need for your company and that the product is quality. Here are some things you will want to consider when selecting a door for your commercial space.

The type of space that the door will be used in. Space will play a role in what type of door you choose. If space is limited, you will need a door that slides or a curtain-style door. If you have space around the entry, you can install a door that swings open/closed.

Do you need to keep the area cold or freezing? The type of insulation used to build the door is different based on the temperature required for the room. The materials used in the doors will vary based on what function it serves.

How often will employees go in and out of the space? In situations like that, a business may want to consider using an air curtain as well to help with climate and pest control. Pests could try to follow an employee into the cooler area. Also, consider safety features on the door so an employee can’t get locked into the cold storage area.

Does the door need to be water-resistant? If you live in a humid climate, this is something you may want to consider. Humidity can warp and damage your door over time, so you want your door to be able to resist it.

Let Authority Dock & Door Help You With Your Cold Storage Overhead Door Needs

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