Cold Storage Overhead Garage Doors

Cold Storage Door

Perfect for Maintaining the Chill

Do you have a facility that is in need of an overhead garage door for your cooler or freezer area that is capable of maintaining the interior temperature of your cooler or freezer, while keeping the cold air out of the rest of your facility? Standard type overhead doors don’t have sufficient enough insulation to get the job done, and keep the ‘cold’ locked in your cooler or freezer.

As the name states, industrial cold storage overhead garage doors help keep a consistent temperature within your freezer or cooler, by keeping the cold air in and the warm air out; allowing your product to stay at a consistent temperature to help preserve its quality.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Keeping a cooling unit cold during the summer can lead to increased bills. However, with cold storage overhead garage doors, the insulative nature of the doors can help cut your energy costs. The ability of these ‘temperature-maintaining’ doors enables your cooling system to become more efficient, not only during the summer warm months, but throughout the year.

Types of Cold Storage Overhead Garage Doors

Authority Dock & Door offers a wide range of cold storage overhead garage doors that have all the necessary features to help keep your cold storage area just that, cold! Depending on the style you want as well as the space you have, you can opt for a bi-part sliding door, a single sliding door, or even a vertical rise overhead garage door.

Feel free to look at all of the high-quality overhead garage doors we have available for cold storage purposes. You can also click on the PDFs of each door for a more detailed look.

With a wide range of door styles and speeds available, we will help you find the right door for your specific application and budget. Let us know what you’re looking for, and our dedicated team will assist you in making the right choice. We also offer garage door maintenance and repair as well.