Key Elements To Look For In Cold Storage Doors

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cold storage doors

Products which fail due to poor temperature regulation are a waste of time and money. Every year, businesses lose all kinds of products from food to chemicals to biological samples because their doors aren’t insulted enough to protect against the constant barrage of warmer air from outside the cooled room. If you have a business that relies on good freezers to protect and extend the life of their product, you need a solution to the constant threat of thermodynamics.

What Do Cold Storage Doors Do?

Put simply, cold storage doors can partition the temperature of your refrigeration or freezer room by keeping cold air inside those rooms and preventing warm air from leaking inside due to thermodynamics. This will help both types of rooms simultaneously; the cold rooms will remain at their optimal temperature for the safety of the product while the rest of your factory or business will be at a comfortable temperature for human work.

Thermodynamics always results in warmer air moving to mix with cooler air, resulting in an overall moderation of the temperature. This can spell disaster for any products you might have that rely on below-freezing temperatures for their stability or freshness. Normal insulated garage doors or business doors don’t properly insulate freezer rooms from the rest of a facility.

Cold storage doors, on the other hand, are built from the ground up to be the best temperature barriers you can find. They’re made with special materials and insulating edges that ensure that temperature leakage from your warmer working environment to the freezer is so small as to be irrelevant. Their thick surfaces are also designed to reduce the transference of heat through the surface.

By purchasing a cold storage door, you’ll help maintain the proper temperatures both for your freezer area and the rest of your business at the same time.

Summary: Cold storage doors regulate temperature exchange between a colder area and a warmer workspace due to insulating materials and thick construction.

cold storage doors

What To Look For In A Cold Storage Door

There are two types of cold storage doors that affect their construction.

Refrigeration doors maintain cool temperatures that are above freezing. These conditions are great for fruits and vegetables and for many kinds of grocery products. If you have a business that specializes in this kind of product, this type of door is the one you’ll want to look at.

Sub-zero doors are for frozen products or materials only. They keep a much tighter regulation on air exchange and can protect things in the freezer area from the leakage of warm air outside. You’ll want a door rated for sub-zero temperatures specifically if your products need that kind of temperature range to survive or last until selling.

Beyond these two choices, you might also consider installing an air curtain that can trap heat, dust or bugs from entering your cold area when a worker needs to enter to retrieve something.

Some cold storage doors are especially resistant to water, which might be important if you live in an area with high humidity. Water damage can warp a door’s shape over time, so humidity-resistance is a good extra feature to look for.

Finally, you’ll also want to find a cold storage door that has good ways to open it from the inside. In the event that an employee becomes shut inside, he or she needs to be able to get out! Make sure that whatever control mechanism is responsible for opening and closing the door can’t be frozen or harmed by cold.

Summary: Make sure you get either a refrigerating or freezing door depending on your needs. Also consider installing an air curtain for added protection.

The Benefits Of A Cold Storage Door

By investing in a cold store door, you’ll be helping your business in several different ways.

First, you’ll improve your overall energy efficiency. You see, by regulating the temperature of your cold rooms, you’ll have to spend less money on your monthly electrical bill since you won’t need to balance temperature so often. Your cooling system that protects your freezer room will have to work less to keep your product cold. Meanwhile, your heating system will use less power keeping your working environment at a comfortable temperature. It’s a win/win.

Worker comfort is another aspect that isn’t always considered. People who are too cold to work, end up being less productive during the day, since they spend time either unhappy from the cold or trying to warm up. If your frozen goods are kept separate by the cold storage door, you can safely set your working room temperatures higher and keep employees happier.

cold storage doors

Workers who are comfortable in their environment will produce more for you and end up increasing the profit of your business. This can be reflected both in a lower worker turnover rate and in higher overall productivity. Never neglect the human component!

You’ll also protect your product more effectively than if you relied on a large power bill to maintain the proper temperature of your freezer or refrigeration room. The cost in lost product that turns bad because of too high a temperature in your freezer can quickly escalate. By using cold storage doors, you’ll preserve more of your product for longer periods of time. This can all eventually translate into increased profits for you.

Summary: Cold storage doors can improve your business’ profits, raise worker happiness and productivity, and save you a fortune by reducing the cost of your energy bill.

Let Authority Dock & Door Help With Your Cold Storage Door Needs!

Cold storage doors are an excellent investment no matter which way you look at them. They can improve the profits and savings of your business in several different ways and will make happier employees and customers at the same time.

Let us help you find the perfect cold storage door for your business. Call us today at (503) 594-8968 or fill out our online form and someone will be in touch soon to discuss your cold storage door questions and concerns. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and information!

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