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How To Choose The Right Commercial Overhead Door For Your Warehouse Needs

commercial overhead doors

Every warehouse has at least one area that is equipped, or should be equipped, with a commercial overhead door. However, it can be stressful choosing the right one to meet your needs, since there are multiple styles to choose from. Don’t overlook this essential part of your building, as this decision can impact everything from employee safety to profit margins.

Types Of Commercial Overhead Doors

These are some of the types of commercial overhead doors that are used in businesses.

Each one of these serves an important purpose in a commercial building but, commercial buildings do not need all of these door types. Some doors will coil while others slide up due to space or material used to construct the door. Cold storage doors are for areas that need temperature control and fire doors are for protection. Working with a professional commercial supply company will help you make the right choice on what you need and ensure that it meets building codes.

What Are The Advantages To A Commercial Overhead Door?

The most noticeable advantage to a commercial overhead door is the monetary savings these doors could potentially bring to a company. If you install a fire-rated door, you can save valuable property while with a cold storage door, you can avoid wasting money on electricity cooling your entire building. Even doors that are not created for cold rooms have insulation that helps keep the building a consistent temperature. The security gate helps with the protection of your property and material goods.

You could also help save money by increasing worker productivity and well-being. A healthy worker is a happy worker and these doors help in keeping their work environment clean by keeping out pollutants and pests. By keeping the work conditions a reasonable temperature, productivity will also increase. You also reduce the chances of workplace accidents, so you decrease your workers’ comp responsibilities as well.

It’s hard to overlook the aesthetic value a quality commercial overhead door brings to your property. Having a well-maintained quality door sends the right message to customers and employees alike. It says that you care about your facility and that you will put that same care into them. A door that has fallen into disrepair or that is ineffective won’t help protect employees or the facility and sends a less than positive message.

Let Authority Dock & Door Help You Find The Right Commercial Overhead Door For Your Facility

Trust the professionals at Authority Dock & Door to help you find the right commercial overhead door for your facility. Our sales teams are trained to ask the right questions to determine your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our product assortment and make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news and happenings.