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Overhead Coiling Doors: Does Your Warehouse Need Them

Overhead Coiling Doors

An overhead coiling door is manufactured with individual metal sections which are interlocked together. It is sometimes called a rolling steel door because it coils up above the door opening around a drum for compact storage.

The materials used are heavy-duty and engineered to withstand heavy usage in a warehouse environment. They are designed to last a long time with minimal maintenance for an industrial situation. Because the springs are enclosed and heavily coated with grease, they can withstand the elements and should not be subject to rust, corrosion, or freezing.

Overhead coiling doors are mainly designed and manufactured in two different styles – insulated coiling doors and non-insulated coiling doors and are made in various sizes to accommodate your operation’s needs.

They act as a convenient, tightly fitting door which keeps out dust, debris and critters. Importantly, they also help with temperature control, whether it is hot or cold outside.

These commercial roll up doors are often used in operations with low headroom clearance or where security, insulation, soundproofing and vision lights are necessary.

There are several considerations as to whether your warehouse needs overhead coiling doors.

Is Safety and Security a Priority?

Many industries need to provide an effective barrier that will prevent theft and entry for any purpose. Whether you have valuable products to keep secure or you can’t risk critters getting in to chew on perishables, wood or plastic, you’ll need a custom fitting commercial roll up door to maintain the safety of your inventory.

Overhead coiling doors can also allow for visibility and security during work hours, and a solid, impenetrable steel exterior for when your operation is shut down.

Some warehouses need doors that open and close quickly, for maximum security as well as energy conservation. The Wayne Dalton Advanced 800 opens three times faster than a standard rolling door and two times faster than a standard sectional door. It will open in 20 inches a second and close at 12 inches per second.

You may not want to waste productivity time standing guard while a slow door closes. A quickly closing door maximizes efficiency and decreases the risk of eyes taking stock of your inventory while a slow door stays open too long, time after time.

Some overhead coiling doors have specific security features in addition to their tough steel appearances. For example, the Wayne Dalton 800 Steel Door can be made with galvanized or prime steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and the Raynor Dura Coil has 24-gauge steel and comes with sliding security locks.

Do You Have Frequent Shipments or Deliveries?

Overhead coiling doors are designed for applications that need doors to be able to frequently open and close. Many busy warehouses have the need for Fed-Ex trucks coming in and their own trucks needing to reload multiple times throughout the day.

You need a door that is designed for heavy usage. Overhead coiling doors are designed with their parts enclosed so they can handle the elements and be used many, many times per day. The R & S Heavy Duty Service Door is designed for security and durability. It can provide years of maintenance free productivity. This fact makes it an economical choice for long-term cost reduction.

In addition, when the door is being used constantly by employees, it’s good to know there is a safety-bearing featuring an inertia brake. This feature protects the door from free falling should a part ever fail. This safety feature is another security measure for your budget, ensuring door operators remain injury free.

Overhead Coiling Doors

Do You Need a Performance Tested Door That Will Last?

These types of efficient commercial roll up doors are manufactured to last and withstand the harshest weather conditions. If you don’t want to have to invest in another door down the line, the overhead coiling door is a great choice. Not only does each door have different amenable features for your operation’s specific needs, there are also options you can choose for individual door types.

Each of these doors has a reputation for lasting, whether you need element protection, durability for years of use, or both. The Wayne Dalton 800 Steel has a reinforced lower edge against wind pressure and the Wayne Dalton Advanced is also known for its lasting durability, showcasing a spring-less design for a smooth, high-cycle operation, year after year.

Does Your Loading Dock Door Need to be Opened and Closed Frequently?

Maybe you have forklifts going in and out, warehouse crew going out to recycle bins, not to mention delivery trucks coming and going. You need a dependable door you can count on to perform time after time, regardless of the weather.

High traffic areas require an efficient overhead coiling door for durability and speed. They are built to open and close quickly without wearing out.

The R & S Heavy Duty Service Door is a choice that will give you years of maintenance free reliability. It’s built for durability to last through peak cycles and beyond.

Will Your Operation Require Thermal Efficiency in the Summer and Winter?

Many operations will require some sort of thermal features in the door they choose. These doors can make a huge difference in temperature control. Fortunately, many doors models come with the option of insulation.

This can be necessary for product protection. Many products will fare better in a temperature-controlled environment. They are particularly useful for freezer and refrigerator storage.

Commercial Roll Up Doors

Employee comfort has its benefits also for a number of reasons. An improved work environment can result in less employee turnover. Employees are more productive and energy savings can be significant with insulation.

There is the R & S Manufacturing Thermal Guard Insulated Steel Coiling Door with its polyurethane insulation that provides an effective barrier against the elements, to include 80 mph winds. One of the faster functioning doors, the Wayne Dalton Advanced 800C Insulated Steel Door is designed to conserve energy, has insulated flat slats, as well as several safety devices.

Do You Have Multiple Sized Openings in Your Warehouse?

These doors have a wide variety of options, to include custom sizing and powder-coated finishes. You need to be able to trust that your specifications will be adhered to and the doors you invest in will fit well and be worth your while.

Door opening widths and heights vary and not all openings are made for the same purpose. When considering your sizing needs it’s a good idea to think about what your needs may be in the future also.

They are available in numerous sizes to suit all of your door needs. Overhead coiling doors provide you with a large selection of sizes for most types of applications.

Do You Need to Reduce Exterior Noise?

Some operations are situated in a busy industrial area or with heavy traffic outside. Warehouses, with their industrial pallet racking and industrial shelving, high ceilings and concrete flooring cause noise to bounce around. These conditions, in addition to the large sizes of common areas, result in poor sound quality.

The way coiled doors are sealed at the edges make them ideal for noise insulation. Employees will be able to hear one another more efficiently as well as hear warning sounds from forklifts as an added safety bonus.

Along with the seals, insulated doors will offer noise insulation as well as thermal protection, due to their added thickness.

Noise can interfere with production and ultimately cost your warehouse money.

Why Choose Authority?

We have only highly skilled technicians who will bring their experience to take ownership of your needs. If you have questions, we will guide you to the best choice in overhead coiling doors.

We provide commercial roll up doors constructed with a variety of materials, including steel (interlocking or stainless) and aluminum. You can specify the right door based on durability, powder-coating specification, maintenance needs and budget. All our doors have options to choose from.

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