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How Traffic Impact Swinging Doors Can Benefit Your Facility

traffic impact swinging doors

A server is holding a plate with a full entree. What happens should the server need to fumble around to open a door with a handle? Having their arms full and still have to open a door only slows down the server and interrupts their flow, but it also increases the likelihood that something will end up dropped.

This example serves to illustrate how much hindrance traditional doors can be to your productivity when you are required to move things from place to place. In this article, Authority Dock & Door will take a look at how the convenience of traffic impact swinging doors will help increase your employees’ productivity.

How They Increase Productivity

As mentioned in the earlier example, having to fumble with a doorknob with your hands full or otherwise is going to take more time and effort than if that weren’t an inconvenient factor. With traffic impact swinging doors, simply moving into them will push them open, even using your back will do the job.

Depending on the chosen model, the door is rated to withstand being constantly pushed open by various industrial equipment like carts, pallet jacks, and forklifts. This means that, when implemented across the facility, traffic can move uninterrupted from one end of the building to the other.

Safer for Everybody

In addition to improving productivity, traffic impact swinging doors are also safer to use due to being able to open the doors without using your hands. In an age where proper sanitation is of high importance and only growing more so, cutting down on the number of places where germs can be spread should not be an oversight.

To help facilitate that, the doors are not only rated to comply with the USDA’s sanitation requirements; they’re also designed to be resistant to corrosion, allowing them to be washed down for quick and easy cleaning. Employees will feel safer knowing that their employer is ensuring that they are exposed to as few unsanitary places as possible.

There are also specialty models of the doors rated for different scenarios. For example, if your business handles flammables on a frequent basis, it may make sense for you to get a door that is fire-rated. If you need something for a case you don’t see listed, consider reaching out, we may very well be able to assist in helping you find exactly what you need.

Traffic Impact Swinging Doors Benefit All Businesses

Traffic impact swinging doors will help keep your employees safe. You will save money not only through increased productivity but through lower maintenance and potentially even healthcare costs.

No matter what kind of work goes on in your facility, if your employees are constantly needing to move large quantities of items through it, having these doors is going to be a lot more useful than having to open a door handle every time somebody needs to pass through.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from traffic impact swinging doors, no matter if it’s commercial kitchens or restaurants, department stores, spas, grocery stores, warehouses, loading docks, and distribution centers. Almost every type of business imaginable will be able to see the benefits of upgrading.