Preparing Your Overhead Garage Door For Winter – What You Need To Do

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insulated overhead garage doors

Despite the drop in temperatures and the hazards that come with it, you have a business to run this winter. Extreme weather can definitely take its toll on businesses, warehouse facilities, and equipment, and unfortunately, damage is always a possibility. That’s why it’s important to get ahead of potential pitfalls that you may encounter when winter comes in full force.

There’s one area of your facility that’s a crucial part of the transport process, and that’s your loading dock. It’s important that you have a fully-functioning overhead garage door that will provide access to your facility when you need it and keeps it sealed when you don’t. Here’s how to ensure that your overhead garage doors are protected ahead of bad winter weather

Maintain Your Weather Seal

Insulated overhead garage doors are perfect for industrial facilities because they protect the interior of the building from pollutants, bugs, and inclement weather. Part of the magic that keeps your warehouse safe during bad weather is the garage door’s weather seal. Even though they’re usually pretty sturdy, they’re not immune to issues during the winter. You’ll want to make sure that the weather seal on your overhead garage doors has not begun to deteriorate. When this happens, everything that your garage door could once keep out–water, drafts of air, etc.–can now come through your facility.

If the weather stripping on your garage doors looks damaged, it is a good idea to replace the seal to prevent the cold air and contaminants from getting into your facility during the winter. Remember that the weather stripping is a part of what keeps temperatures inside of your facility stable during the winter and ultimately saves energy and money.

Keep The Overhead Garage Door Tracks Clean

The tracks are a critical component of the garage door’s mobility. It’s basically what allows the doors to open and close. Imagine water, dirt, or debris getting stuck in those tracks in extremely cold weather. What happens to those tracks? Water or whatever else manages to get trapped in the tracks can freeze in cold weather, making it impossible to open and close your garage door. It’s important to keep the tracks of your overhead garage door clean and lubricated to keep the door working properly.

Have Your Insulated Overhead Garage Doors Inspected

Many business owners don’t realize the importance of regular garage door inspection and maintenance. Regular examination of your doors, especially before season changes, is important to save you more money and energy.

Get Ahead Of Winter Weather

The most important thing to remember this season is that it’s better to get ahead of winter-related issues before they start. If you fail to do this, you could face irreparable damage to your garage doors and facility and end up spending more money to replace your garage doors when proper maintenance would save you cash and stress.

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