Preventive Maintenance Programs Help Cut Down On Excessive Costs

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preventive maintenance programs

We all know that to operate a successful business, you have to build a well-oiled machine. We also know that when production stops, the money stops, and an hour can become an eternity.

While the prompt response of a skilled service team might mitigate your losses, addressing these potential production stoppers,proactively, is the surest way to reduce their effects.

Putting a preventive maintenance program in place is the best way to do this.

What Is A Preventive Maintenance Program?

Our preventive maintenance programs provide a routine of scheduled inspections, during which our team will perform any adjustments or lubrication as necessary to your equipment.

In addition to many other items, these inspections address overhead doors, shutters, gates, and security grills, as well as loading dock equipment like dock levelers, canopies, and bumpers.

How Does A Preventive Maintenance Program Cut Costs?

The most valuable benefit of a preventive maintenance program is that it will help prevent major repairs and replacements down the road.

The same way a small chip on your windshield can grow to an unsightly, unfixable crack, many expensive replacements with overhead door and loading dock equipment start as either minor misalignments or lack of proper lubrication, both of which will certainly happen to equipment over time.

Routine inspections by trained professionals allow issues to be uncovered while still in an easily correctablestate, saving costly repairs and extending the lifetime of your overhead door, gate, or loading dock equipment.

A preventive maintenance program provides other value in addition to reducing replacement and repairs:

Protects The Product

Whether it’s from pests, temperature, dust, or dirt, exposure to contaminants can reduce the quality of, if not ruin, your product. These uninvited guests are emboldened when a door loses its seal or is otherwise out of commission.

A preventive maintenance program will keep your equipment able to perform its function: protecting your operation and product.

Increases And Maintains Productivity

A safe and comfortable working environment is a critical component for a successful and productive team.

A preventive maintenance program ensures a working environment and production equipment sealed from the interruptions of harsh temperatures and elements, unwanted pests, and exterior noise.

Who Are Preventive Maintenance Programs For?

Putting a preventive maintenance program in place would be beneficial for any size business, no matter how frequently or infrequently their equipment is used.

Authority Dock & Door has flexible options, providing inspections scheduled on either weekly, monthly, or annual occurrences.

How To Set Up A Preventive Maintenance Program

We can’t put a number on the value of a preventive maintenance program, as the pitfalls of neglected equipment are boundless. This proactive approach will benefit your equipment and your team, and only further promote the success of your business. The best part is, enrolling is free!

Contact us to learn how to set up a preventive maintenance program at your company, and check us out on Facebook to see all of our warehouse solutions.

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