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Commercial Overhead Doors: Exploring The Different Types

Commercial overhead doors

There are a few factors you may want to consider before ordering and installing a commercial overhead door. For example, the model that you choose needs to be durable, secure, and functional. It helps if the door is reasonably priced and has a level of curb appeal, too.

So, how do you know which commercial overhead door to choose? That’s a very good question. There are many models to consider. One of the first things you should think about is the type of building the door is needed for. Believe it or not, many industrial buildings open and close their garage and warehouse doors upwards of 50 times in a single day. That is exactly why you need to choose a door that has been crafted with its own unique benefits.

In this article, we are going to hone in on the 6 types of commercial overhead doors that are frequently used by commercial and industrial operations.

We want you to be aware of which models are the most energy efficient, help you to increase business productivity, improve sanitation, provide optimum temperature control, and improve the overall working environment.

Commercial overhead doors

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

These types of commercial overhead doors are constructed of panels that are strategically placed into sections. The panels stay connected together whether the door is open or closed. One of the best things about this type of garage door is how much space it saves. Simply roll it up to open and the door stays put on the ceiling until you close it again.

The sectional overhead door is typically mounted to the vertical face of the structure while the door tracks hang from the ceiling.

If you’re worried about birds, flying insects, or other airborne pests entering your work space, the sectional overhead door will prevent that from happening. Plus, the door helps preserve a consistent indoor temperature.

You can purchase this model of overhead garage door either insulted or non-insulated.

You’ll find that the sectional overhead garage door is an excellent choice for all types of business owners. Why? Because they add a host of benefits to the working environment. These doors promote a seamless workflow, are made-to-last, flexible, sport a compact design, and are very easy to repair.

Summary – Sectional overhead garage doors are space savers. They keep airborne pests & birds out, help control indoor temps and are easy to repair.

Commercial overhead doors

Coiling Commercial Overhead Garage Doors

If you’re looking for extreme protection against airborne contaminates and flying pests, the coiling overhead garage door should be a consideration. Not only do these heavy-duty doors keep birds out of your building but they also help keep the inside temperature consistent. This will help lower your energy bills and improve work conditions.

Coiling overhead doors are different than sectional doors because they roll up into a barrel that is either internally or externally mounted at the top of the door. You can get this model either insulted or non-insulated. These commercial overhead doors come in a variety of styles, sizes, and speeds. Plus, they help keep outside noises, stifled.

Summary – Coiling commercial overhead garage doors are great for keeping contaminants and flying pests out of your building. They are durable and improve the work environment.

Commercial overhead doors

Cold Storage Overhead Garage Doors

When you need to maintain the temperature of your cooler or freezer, cold storage commercial overhead garage doors may be a wise option. These doors control the cold temps of your cooler while keeping cold air from entering other parts of your building. Cold storage doors are great for meat lockers, restaurant coolers, and more.

The insulative nature of these doors can vastly improve energy efficiency, especially during the summer months. Temperature maintaining doors allow your cooling system to work consistently throughout the entire year.

There are various features of cold storage overhead doors to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a bi-part sliding door, single sliding door, or a vertical rise overhead garage door.

Summary – The insulative nature of cold storage garage doors helps maintain cool temperatures where needed and keep cold air from entering other areas.

Commercial overhead doors

Vinyl Roll Up Commercial Overhead Garage Doors

Vinyl roll up commercial overhead doors are designed to save you money, time and energy. Quickly enter and exit the building due to the superior speeds of the door that ranges from 3-8 ft per second making them the perfect option for high traffic areas.

The best application for vinyl roll up garage doors is at interior and exterior openings, loading docks, coolers and freezer systems, warehouses, and even parking garages. This model of door is energy efficient, productive, safe, secure, and easy to maintain.

Summary – Vinyl roll up commercial overhead garage doors deploy quick speeds making entering and exiting fast and efficient while promoting a safe work environment.

Insulated Overhead Doors

There are many benefits to having insulated commercial overhead garage doors. For starters, they help lower energy costs due to maintaining consistent temperatures. You don’t have to worry about your AC or furnace constantly kicking on, raising your electric bill in the process.

Insulated overhead doors lower external noise levels. This keeps your employees in a distraction-free environment, so they can focus on productivity.

Lastly, these types of doors can increase the value of your property.

Summary – Insulated overhead doors help maintain consistent temperatures throughout your building.

Commercial overhead doors

PVC Strip Curtain

When you enjoy keeping your commercial overhead garage doors open, a PVC strip curtain can be installed as a secondary barrier. This type of barrier allows employees to walk or drive through the plastic strips, which increases productivity.

Many times, these door curtains are a companion to cooler and freezer doors to encourage consistent temperatures and reduce the incidence of condensation and icing. Businesses that store cold products such as meat, food, and even medical supplies can all benefit from PVC strip curtains.

These heavy-duty curtains keep dust, debris, and other undesirable matter from contaminating your products. For this reason, you’ll see PVC strip curtains in areas that need to be kept clean and sanitary.

Summary – PVC strip curtains work well with solid overhead garage doors, especially when they are kept open for extended periods of time.

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We understand time, money, and energy are important components to any business. Choosing the right style overhead door can increase productivity, keep your employees safe, and cut down on the cost of electricity. We take pride in helping you find the best commercial overhead garage door to suit your needs.

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