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Commercial Overhead Doors And The Advantages They Provide

commercial overhead doors

The commercial overhead door you choose for your business makes a huge difference in many ways. For one, it is the first thing that people will notice about your facility, and a quality overhead door immediately adds aesthetics and value to your premise.

Even better, it is one of the most used pieces of equipment in your business, and your day can easily become ruined if the door malfunctions. One of the best additions to a commercial overhead door is insulation, which you should consider if you want a conducive, energy-efficient working environment.

In this post, we talk about sectional and coiling overhead doors, and whether you should choose an insulated or non-insulated door for your business. We also highlight the benefits of choosing a commercial overhead door over other traditional choices.

commercial overhead doors

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional doors are made up of several panels that roll up or down when the door is opened. They are constructed with 14- to 16- gauge durable steel, and mounted vertically against the wall. There is also a horizontal track that is fixed to the ceiling, to further support the door.

These doors generally tilt up over the floor. Others swing out of the way. Although sectional doors can be noisier than coiling doors, the retractable sections are much quieter. However, because of their complex design, they can require more maintenance.

commercial overhead doors

Coiling Overhead Doors

In contrast, coiling overhead doors are constructed with 18- to 24- gauge durable structural steel. Each unit is built into slats or segments about 2 to 3 inches in width. As such, coiling doors are stronger, more flexible and aesthetically sound, not to mention how they are a breeze to customize to your desired taste.

In general, coiling overhead doors are easier to operate, which means reduced maintenance. Some doors can withstand up to a million open/close cycles with little to no maintenance. On the other hand, sectional overhead doors can only withstand about 100,000 such cycles.

commercial overhead doors

Insulated Overhead Doors

If you are looking for an industrial overhead door, you can choose to go with the insulated or non-insulated version. Every business owner wants to protect their premises from external elements, including temperature fluctuations, pollutants, noise, and even insects.

Opting for an insulated door comes with numerous benefits including lower energy consumption, reduced noise levels, and added value to the business.

Discover The Advantages Of Commercial Overhead Doors

1. Easy Access

Unlike traditional doors that open inwards, overhead doors lift up with all door mechanics held above. This creates more space which business owners can take advantage of. They are especially useful if you require additional space for quick loading or unloading. In fact, the available space is sufficient to accommodate a vehicle if you need parking space. It can also be used to access the business premise with such heavy equipment as fork trucks, plows, and tractors.

2. Unbeatable Security

Your business premise needs to be highly accessible while also providing unbeatable security. With a commercial overhead door, you are assured of these ideals. The doors are fitted with exactness to ensure they lock and seal tight to give you the level of strength and soundness you deserve from a quality commercial overhead door. Opening and locking are also as easy as using a key or a door opener that automatically responds at the touch of a button.

3. Reliable and Durable

Commercial overhead doors are made from a variety of extremely durable materials to ensure they last the test of time and withstand the rigors of everyday use. In particular, these doors are built to endure scrapes, bumps, and any other type of pollution. They will remain strong for years with little to no maintenance.

commercial overhead doors

4. Larger, Versatile Space

Another great advantage of an overhead door lies in its versatility. These doors allow you to transition quickly and easily from indoor to outdoor spaces. For example, an overhead door that opens up to a patio gives instant access to fresh air and sunlight, while connecting the inside premises to the outdoors. The result is a much bigger, more versatile space that looks nothing short of incredible.

5. Offer Much-Needed Insulation

As mentioned earlier, most overhead doors are fitted with a blend of foam and metal to offer insulation against cold and heat. In essence, they work to keep heat inside and prevent cold air from entering the business premise through the door. Because of this, inside temperatures will be more stable. And this equals less energy consumption, which means reduced electricity bills.

Precision Door Services At Authority Dock & Door Can Help You

Commercial overhead doors are an essential component of any business. When quality and durability are a priority, Authority Dock & Door provides the best solution.

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