Choosing The Right Type Of Commercial Overhead Door For Your Business Operation

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commercial overhead door

According to the Small Business Association, it is estimated that over 600,000 new businesses open every year. As new business owners are designing their new spaces and aligning their brand and style to the building, often times, the idea of the right commercial door is left as an after-thought. But really, your commercial doors will be used each and every day by your customers, employees, investors, and more. Not only that, but your businesses’ door is actually part of the first impression that people will see when entering your establishment.

Commercial Doors Are Not the Same As Residential Doors

Business owners need to remember that commercial doors are not the same as the doors needed for your home. The size is an obvious difference to start – commercial doors tend to be larger than those used for a personal garage door residence. Not only that, but commercial doors often have varying uses depending on the type of business that you are in. Not only are they larger, but commercial doors are usually thicker than residential doors, and have added insulation to maintain energy efficiency. These doors also need to be more resistant to dents and scratches since they will experience far more traffic than a door at home.

Types Of Commercial Overhead Doors

Depending on the type of business you are in, you may need a unique type of door. Common commercial overhead doors are as follows:

  • Cold storage overhead doors – These doors usually contain high-resistance polyurethane insulation to enable climate control for every temperate requirement. These doors are also engineered specifically for ongoing heavy-duty operation and can be paired with automation to help boost productivity through the elimination of touch points.
  • Insulated overhead doors – These doors can help lower energy costs, reduce noise levels, and add value in the event you ever wish to sell your establishment. We offer insulated models of both sectional and coiling overhead garage doors. If you are not familiar with the difference, overhead doors have sections that roll vertically against the interior ceiling. Conversely, coiling overhead doors coil up into a barrel when they open.
  • Fire-rated doors – These doors are designed to slow the spread of smoke or fire in your commercial property. And just because they are designed for protection, it doesn’t mean that these doors have to be ugly to look at. Fire-rated doors now come in several modern and aesthetically-pleasing designs to help match the look of your business.
  • Vinyl roll-up doors – These doors help control unnecessary exposure to dust, pollution, insects and birds, noise, and temperature differences regardless of the time of year. These doors help you control your environment, which means more comfortable and productive employees.
  • Strip curtains – Though these aren’t exactly doors, many commercial properties use these strip curtains to separate spaces that need quick and easy access. Strip curtains are excellent secondary barriers that can help keep insects or dust out of environments that are particularly vulnerable to contamination. Because they act as physical barriers, they are quite effective at keeping small particles out of particular rooms.
  • Security gates & grills – These gates and grills are designed to help to secure your business by providing visibility and security. They allow for an unobstructed view of your building interior, including store displays and merchandise, yet help protect against theft and vandalism.

Not Sure Which Commercial Door You Need?

If you aren’t sure which type of commercial overhead door or doors you need for your business, Authority Dock & Door can help. We are professionals at what we do and can help you assess your business situation to ensure the proper door for each space within your property.

Contact Authority Dock & Door at 503-594-8968 for a free estimate, or email us at Not only can we offer you an extensive selection of effective and highly-rated commercial doors, but we provide exceptional installation, repair, and preventative maintenance services for your doors in the future.

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