Energy Incentive Programs Are You Missing Out

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Shopping for new overhead garage doors can be challenging no matter what type of door you’re looking for. There are so many different types, styles, and materials available that making a choice can start to feel like a headache.

When you work with companies like Authority Dock & Door, however, they might ask you a very important question: how much does energy savings matter to you?

If you’re already shopping for new overhead garage doors for your business, why not buy ones that qualify for energy incentive programs?

What Are Energy Incentive Programs?

In an effort to promote renewable energy, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is awarding home and business owners for making energy-efficient remodeling choices.

Through energy incentive programs, homeowners may be eligible for various tax credits, rebates, and additional rewards. These programs also encourage companies to do their own research and assist in educating home and business owners on their options.

How Do Certain Doors Promote Energy Conservation?

In an effort to maintain productivity, some businesses end up choosing equipment and fixtures that use far more energy and resources than they need to.

When your company needs to replace various overhead doors at your location, there are options available that meet the requirements for several energy incentive programs, such as:

Coiling Overhead Garage Doors

Not only do coiling overhead doors provide easier access to your facility, but they are also some of the strongest on the market. Overhead doors are also among the most energy-efficient options for your business. These doors are created with a tight seal and lock mechanism that enhances their strength and prevents unnecessary loss of resources.

Vinyl Overhead Roll Up Doors

For traditional doors and garage doors, vinyl roll up doors are perfect for controlling environmental factors. This makes them an ideal candidate for energy incentive programs. They close and open faster than most other doors and allow you to customize the type of atmosphere you’re working in by efficiently sealing off rooms and areas.

Insulated Overhead Garage Doors

Adding insulation to your company’s garage door(s) is a top-notch way of improving energy conservation within your business. Insulated garage doors protect you from the elements and better control temperatures inside your workspace. Installing these doors is a great way to lower energy costs.

What Types of Energy Incentive Programs Are Available in Your Area?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of an energy incentive program, you should know what you qualify for. Depending on where you live, different states have different requirements and programs in place.

Some of the most popular energy incentive programs in the great Pacific northwest region of the United States include:

Are you interested in learning more about how choosing the right types of commercial door options can improve energy efficiency?

Learn More About What Energy Incentive Programs Can Do for You

Contact a reputable company like Authority Dock & Door to find out what options are right for you and what energy incentive programs you qualify for. Give us a call at 503-594-8968 or fill out our online form today!

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