The Energy Incentive Benefits Of Insulated Overhead Doors

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insulated overhead doors

Every business is looking for ways to lower costs and increase productivity, but the methods can seem difficult or costly. Insulated overhead doors are a great solution to address both needs, and they offer several energy incentives to boot.

There are two general types of these doors: coiled and sectional. Overhead coiling doors roll into a coil, as the name suggests, for compact storage above the entrance to your workshop or business. Sectional overhead doors, on the other hand, separate into foldable segments which retract over your head and across the ceiling when you open the door. Both are viable for most businesses and are extremely affordable; they more than pay for themselves when you take into account the money saved thanks to their insulation properties.

By installing overhead overhead doors, you can help decrease your business’s energy consumption, increase your worker’s productivity, and do your part in keeping the planet healthy in the long term.

Lower Energy Costs Due To Insulated Overhead Garage Doors

By far, the primary benefit your business will obtain by insulated overhead garage doors is their passive energy protection. Insulated overhead doors keep the entrances and exits to your business sealed from the outside. Why does this matter? Every year, businesses waste valuable electricity when heated or cooled air escapes into the outside. Over time, this wasted energy takes a toll in the form of a higher energy bill.

This effect is present no matter the season; in winter or summer, cold or hot temperatures outside are dangers to the air temperature inside your business. As you can imagine, the benefits of keeping your air temperature controlled is a bonus that’s in effect all year round.

Don’t discount the protection of temperature-sensitive product; you can use these doors to keep certain areas of a warehouse or workshop at separate temperatures from each other, such as a storage bay that needs to be apart from a customer-shopping area. Many grocery outlets or machine shops use these kinds of doors for just these purposes.

If you have a warehouse that needs insulating, you might consider vinyl roll-up doors, which are excellent for protecting against the outside environment while allowing passage in and out of the warehouse. Many warehouses are now using these doors to save on their electrical bill while also collecting benefits in the form of tax rebates or credits.

Installing insulated overhead doors keeps air-conditioned or warmed air inside your business where it belongs. This saves you energy in the short time, saves you money in the long term, and is good for the environment as a whole thanks to less wasted power. It’s a win for everyone imaginable.

Summary: Insulated overhead garage doors save your business money by reducing electrical waste in the form of air conditioned or warmed air inside your building.

energy incentive benefits

Energy Incentive Programs

As part of efforts to encourage businesses to participate in energy-saving policies, there are a number of tax credits, rebates and special programs available to those who undertake certain energy-saving policies. Insulated overhead doors definitely qualify, thanks to the effect they have on a business’s ultimate power consumption over the course of months or years.

Most businesses use much more energy than they actually need. This is terrible for a business’s bottom line and the environment. More importantly, protecting the energy and resources of our planet is more important than ever. Doing your part is crucial to protecting the planet we all live and depend on, and customers are increasingly-aware of businesses that contribute to green activity. Going green might actually increase your business traffic once people realize you’re helping in the fight against waste.

Summary: Tax credits and rebates are available as energy-saving incentives that can benefit your business financially.

Better Employee Productivity Thanks To Insulated Overhead Doors

No one likes to work uncomfortably. In fact, employees who are too hot, too cold or who operate while having to ignore distracting noise from outside, are known to have lower productivity. As employees are the ultimate measure of a business’s success, maintaining a safe, comfortable working environment should be every business-owners priority.

Insulated overhead garage doors help correct this potential issue by keeping air temperatures comfortable year-round. This ensures that employees that are dressed appropriately won’t have to worry about working while sweating or shivering. More productive employees always make for a better bottom line.

Another important, overlooked factor is noise level. In warehouses, garages and machine shops, outside activity can be very distracting and cause employee productivity to drop drastically. Overhead insulated doors are a cost-effective way to keep workers focused, while still allowing for easy access to and from the work building or warehouse.

Altogether, insulated overhead doors don’t just help the energy bill or the environment; they help your workers, the most important part of any business!

Summary: Employees in a comfortable workspace, with outside noise reduced to a minimum, work more productively.

What Are The Benefits Of Insulated Overhead Garage Doors?

At the end of the day, insulated overhead doors are an excellent investment for any kind of business. They save money by preventing wasted electricity, are good for the environment, and lead to a more comfortable workspace for your employees. There are no downsides; the original cost is quickly recouped by the money saved thanks to its insulating attributes.

Check out your options for installing insulated overhead garage doors and find out about what kind of energy incentive benefits exist in the form of tax credits or rebates. Think of all the money you could be saving right now. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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